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Ottumwa, Iowa Cigar Manufacturers and Their Brands

1868 - 1953

The dates that the cigar factories were in business are derived from city directories, old cigar boxes, and newspaper articles. Dates are only an approximation and not exact.

Manufacturer – (Approximate dates in business) – Brands made

Paul Amelang: (1882 – 1902) Queen of May, Blue Bell, No. 15

Bensberg and Cheadle Cigar Co.: (1882 - 1886) Reduction

Robert Bigham: (1871 – 1892) Virginia Leaf, Connecticut

L. H. Blimck: (1882)

George Bohe and Brother: (1882)

John T. Bohe: (1916 – 1920) Robert Lee

Bohe and Ullrich Cigar Co.: (1888 - 1890) Prize Lilly, Autumn Queen

Bohe and Ellis Cigar Co.: (1894)

Jesse O. Black Cigar Co.: (1888)

Blunk and Oehlschlager Cigar Co.: (1879)

C. S. Cade: (1892)

Anthony P. Canny: (1908 - 1911) Old Kid, Uzzona

Canny and Clark: (1905)

Canny and Crawford: (1903-1904)

Charles V. Clark: (1897 – 1902) No. 23

Cunningham Brothers: (1892)

Cunningham and Erbacher: (1894)

Dummler and Fecht: (1890) Fast Mail

Fred (Fritz) A. Ehrmann Cigar Co.: (1902 - 1920) Manifesto

Julius Fecht: (1884 - 1953) Little Yara, Three Star, Veto, Log Cabin, Wild Rose, Little Wild Rose, Western Star, Club Firsts, Key West, Columbia, Golden Rule, Elk, O.K Panatelas, O.K. Breves, Star 5’s, My Own, Universal Special, Universal Java, Universal Royal, Universal Imperial

Findlay Cigar Factory: (1901 - 1911) Special

Fisher Cigar Co.: (late 1870’s to early 1880’s) Imported Leaf

Joseph L. Gossage: (1901 - 1905) The Hermit

Graves Brothers Cigar Co.: (1888) Jack Pot, Cuban Rose

F. J. Graves and Son: (1892 - 1915) Tom Potter Blunts, Little Miss Muffett, Monogram, Scottish Rite, Cuban Queens

Willis A. Graves Cigar Co.: (1916 - 1928) Federal Court, Little Tom Potter, Masonic Knights, Bogy-Four, Graves’ Hand Made, Smart Set

Harkert Cigar Factory: (1911 – 1912)

Hawkeye Cigar Co.: (1903 - 1904) The Five Step, The Crystal Flake, The Reminder, Turpin’s Ottumwa, Credito Puerto Rico, Infantes, Robin Hood, Iowa Traveler, Victoria De Cuba Regalia

William A. Hendricks: (1899 – 1901) and (1924 – 1927)

Hendricks and Company: (1892): Pickwith Five

Hendricks & Overturf Cigar Co.: (1922)

E. P. Hommowun Cigar Factory: (1890 – 1898)

Robert E. Jarvis Cigar Co.: (1922)

Kingsbaker Brothers: (1872 - 1888) C. B. & Q., The Leader, The Sunshine

Win Leas: (1881 - 1894) The Big Q Cigar, The Rink

Frank Lewis: (1927 – late 1940’s) Henry Vane, Jitney, Leader, Hand Made

Samuel of Posen Cigar Co.: (1888 – 1892) Samuel Loeb: Sam’l of Posen, Resolution, Saint of Powers

Tobias Loeb: (1884 - 1891)

*McKaig and Potter: (1910 – 1918) Rettop’s, 101

McKee and Marks Cigar Co.: (1918 - 1924) Key Mark, Yellow Cab, Havana Seconds, Garcia Sublime

McKee and Potter: (1899 - 1917) Armas Del Ray, Gold Coin, Little Gold Coin, General Drake, Spanish Queen, Bill’s Kids, Puritana, Monogram, Rough & Ready

O. E. Miller: (1882)

Daniel F. Morey Cigar Co.: (1871 – 1887) La Flor de Mayo

Morey and Myers: (1883 - 1906) American Girl, La Flor De Mayo, La Rosa, Lone Widow, Silver Chime, Little Knocker, Leaders, Red Ring, Slim Jim, Latest Choice, Tonic, Tokalong, Little Mayo, Little Miss Muffett, Happy Thought, El Mayo, Morey’s Fat Cigar, Up-to-Date, The Bride. “Campaign” cigar brands: Cleveland and Thurman, Harrison and Morton (1888)

*M.P.R.L. Cigar Co.: (1907 – 1918) Mi Confianza, Club Seconds, Nuff Sed, M.P.R.L.

Neville & Higdon Cigar Co., (Thomas Neville): (1897 - 1902) Marinola

Norfolk Brothers: (1897 – 1899) No. 188

Northrop & Waterman Cigar Co.: (1873)

James O’Connell and Bros.: (1892)

Charles O’Malley Cigar Co.: (1903 - 1905) (also known as the Wizard Cigar Co.) Ki Ki, The Victor

Jacob Oehlschlager Cigar Co.: (1878)

Herman J. Ostdiek: (1891 - 1902) Cuban Hand Made, Wapello Club, Cuban Five, X-Ray, The Minnow

Pallister Brothers: (1889 - 1927) The Pallister Cigar, Santa Rosa, Pallister’s Dozen, Rosa Americana, Blue Jay, Little Dandies, Pearl of Pekin, Golden Crown, Imported Register, Prime Seconds, A No. 1, Long John, Moss Rose, My Jack, Key West, Stock Exchange, Henry Vane, Legion of Honor, Pallister $40, Pallister U.S. Smoker, No Binder Cigar, La Thella, La Rosa de Cuba, La Afinidad, A.C.T., Trinidad, Alma Rosa, Trotter, Gephart Best, After Dinner, Liona, Havana Seconds, Crown Rose, George the Fifth Club House, Havana Leaf, Pallister’s Hand Made, San Rayo, Appreciation, The Ottumwa, Peter Dinner, Don Rey, Double Eagle, Young America

George Potter and Brother: (1919 - 1930) Virginia Vall Bouquet, Charles the Fourth, Prime Seconds, Principe De Gayo, Little Havanas, Hand Made

William Potter Cigar Co.: (1930 - 1941) Broadleaf, Little Ben, Robert Lee, La Flora De Mayo, Potter’s Specials

Patrick Queeney: (1910 – 1912)

Silver Nugget Cigar Factory: (1881)

Smith and Schwartz Cigar Co.: (1910) Ottumwa Booster, Gypsette, S & S

Stark Brothers Factory: (1889 - 1912) Lewis Stark: On Deck, Special

Stentz and Bohe: (1904 – 1916) Little Ben, Robert Lee, Private Stock

Thomas Sumner: (1901 - 1902) Ottumwa Queen

Amos Swartz Cigar Co.: (1903 – 1907)

Tim Turpin: (1903 – 1915)

Union Cigar Co.: (1899 - 1919), Fritz H. Ehrmann: The Rattler, Manifesto, Commercial Club, Black Poodle, Big Diamond, Roma

William E. Utecht Cigar Co.: (1915 – 1928)

C. B. Ulrich: (1892)

U. & L. Cigar Co.: (1914)

W. W. Wallace: (1892)

Harrison L. Waterman: (1874 - 1879) Challenge

Wapello Cigar Co.: (1899 – 1910) Emil Fecht: Gold Seal, Twisthead, Little Yara, Corona Del Rey, May Flower, Globe

Herm. Wendt & Co.: (1878 - 1879)

H. A. Zangs Cigar Factory: (1888) Ottumwa Leader, Kickapoo, No. 15, Prairie Queen, Pea Cock, Golden Grape, Tambourine

*Note: McKaig and Potter Cigar Co. and M.P.R.L. Cigar Co. had many overlapping owners. William Potter, Jr. and James H. McKaig were owners in both companies. In 1908, Frank Lewis was also a partner in M.P.R.L. Cigar Co. At one time, McKaig and Potter Cigar Co. employed 85 cigar makers.

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