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Morey & Myers Cigar Factory

1883 - 1906

Morey & Myers Cigar Co. had a reputation of the most extensive cigar and tobacco manufacturer and jobber in the state of Iowa. They produced brands such as La Flor de Mayo, Little Knocker, American Girl, Leader, Red Ring, Slim Jim, Latest Choice, Tonic, To Kalong, Little Mayo, La Rosa, Lone Widow, and Silver Chime.

A September 1890 newspaper story reported that Morey and Myers had 75 people working in their factory and six traveling salesmen. The company sold over $100,000 a year of their own cigars and had total sales of $200,000 in 1900. Morey and Myers was the largest cigar manufacturer in Ottumwa. Their trade came from Des Moines, Omaha, St. Paul, St. Joe, and Kansas City.

The 1890 newspaper story quotes Mr. Morey as saying that when he started making cigars in 1871, he was the only manufacturer in Ottumwa. Dealers compelled him to scratch his name off the cigar boxes so they could pass them off as Chicago cigars. Now (1890), it was different. The Morey and Myers name was known throughout Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Mr. Morey states that there are 500 people in Ottumwa making cigar for the industry today (1890). The cigar factories produce 10 million cigars a year generating $400,000 in revenues. The magnificent sum of $200,000 a year is paid out in labor. Twenty traveling salesmen are employed in the industry.

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