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William F. Hinesley Cigar Co.

Cigar manufacturer from 1882 – 1900.

Factory No. 34, 4th District of Iowa; Factory No. 47, 4th District of Iowa.

Brands of cigars manufactured: El Soneta, Ideal, Dona Ana, M.C., Hinesley’s Best, None Better, Oskaloosa Pet, Comet, Snow Drop, Special, Lone Chief

In 1892 the Will F. Hinesley factory employed 35 people and manufactured 140,000 cigars a month.

Factory located at 119 East High Avenue on the north side of the square.

William Hinesley moved to Missouri in 1900.

Born 1857

Died 1928

Wife: Ida Jane Kemble

Father: James

Mother: Hannah

Oskaloosa Daily Herald, July 23, 1892

Oskaloosa Evening Herald, August 29, 1894

This cigar box dates from about 1883.

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