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William Behm Cigar Co.

1208 W. 2nd St., Davenport, Iowa

(1893) factory 51, 4th district of Iowa; (1902) 4th district of Iowa

William Behm made cigars in Davenport, Iowa from 1876 until 1901. William’s son, Alfred, was also a cigar manufacturer in Davenport.

Died about 1925

Wife: Minnie

Residence: 1208 W. 2nd St. (same address as cigar factory)


1876 U.S. Census – William Behm, cigar maker, residence - 1208 W. 2nd St.

1878 cigar maker at Nicholas Kuhnen cigar factory

1880 cigar maker at Ferd Haak Cigar Factory

1882 Fritsch & Behm cigar factory (Adolph Fritsch & William Behm), 1138 W. 3rd St.

1885 William Behm, 1138 W. 3rd St. – cigar manufacturer

1888 William Behm, 1208 W. 2nd St. – cigar maker

1890 – 1901 William Behm, 1208 W. 2nd St. – cigar manufacturer

1902 William’s son, Alfred, took over the business and continued to operate it at the family’s home.

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