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Fred Beckman Cigar Co.

 Fred Beckman is the “pioneer of the Oskaloosa cigar trade.” Fred Beckman, Sr. made cigars in Oskaloosa from about 1856 until 1898. At its peak, the Fred Beckman cigar factory produced 150,000 to 200,000 cigars a month.

Born August 4, 1823 in Tecklenburg, Prussia. Died February 13, 1900. Wife: Mary Jones. Immigrated to U.S. in about 1854. Came to Oskaloosa in about 1856. Started in business when he arrived in Oskaloosa. Lived here forty-four years. Three children: Mrs. Lou Brown, Miss Mollie Beckman, and Fred Beckman, Jr.

1897 – cigar factory located at Second Avenue East. Factory No. 162. Two employees.

The Weekly Oskaloosa Herald, May 1. 1873

Oskaloosa Herald, February 15, 1900

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