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William R. Campfield Cigar Co.

Born May 9, 1871

Wife: Ellen N. Harris

1892 – William Campfield was in partnership with Louis Frank. Cigar factory was on First Avenue West.

Cigar manufacturer: 1893-1900. William Campfield opened a cigar factory of East First Avenue after his partnership with Louis Frank dissolved.

1895 – W. R. Campfield went by “South Side Cigar Factory.” The factory manufactured the “Premium” brand of cigars. In 1896 the cigar and tobacco shop was remodeled.

1897 – W. R. Campfield, factory no. 258. Employed seven people.

1900 William Campfield closed his cigar factory and moved to Montana.

Cigar maker: 1910 – 1930 in Oskaloosa

Brand of cigar manufactured: Premium

Oskaloosa Evening Herald, November 4, 1895

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