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Williams & Tousley Cigar Factory

Factory No. 240

419 West High Avenue.

Cigar factory opened in Fall of 1893. Operated until 1900 when Fred Williams moved to Minnesota.

Partnership: Fred L. Williams and Frank H. Tousley

1897 – Employed five people.

Brands of Cigars Manufactured: Gold Medal, Napoleon, the Defender, Flor de Nella

Frank Tousley retired from the business soon after his partner, Fred Williams, left (1901). J. W. Hetherington purchased the factory’s cigar brands. Frank moved to Oelwein, Iowa shortly after.

Frank H. Tousley was born in Missouri in 1870 and died in April 1935. His wife’s name was Maime E. Roberts Tousley. Frank Tousley played euphonium in the city band.

Oskaloosa Herald, March 4, 1897

April 12, 1900

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