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William J. Harney Cigar Co.

William “Willie” Harney began his career making cigars in the Beckman shops. He then worked for five years in Sam Loeb’s cigar factory. In 1905 Willie Harney opening his own cigar factory. He manufactured cigars in Oskaloosa from 1905-1924. In 1908 his cigar factory was at West First Avenue, then moved to 411 High Avenue West, and finally to 125 N. Market St. He had three employees in 1906.

Brands of cigar manufactured: Monarch 5 cent straight, El Acumo, Mohawk

Willie Harney lived in Oskaloosa all his life. He was born February 1879 and died May 26, 1943. He was married to Bertha A. Olson. Father: William H. Harney. Mother: Margaret May McQuillan. His death certificate lists his occupation as a “painter.”

Oskaloosa Daily Herald, December 27, 1905

Oskaloosa Daily Herald, October 26, 1907

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