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M. J. Beckman Cigar Factory

Diederick Beckman

Factory No. 54, 4th District of Iowa

(1869 – 1911)

Diedrick Beckman was born in Tecklebarz, Prussia on March 13, 1841. He came to Oskaloosa, Iowa in 1863 and went to work at his brother’s (Fred Beckman) cigar factory. In 1869 Diedrick opened his own cigar factory at 214 S. Market Street, Oskaloosa, Iowa. In 1891 he built a new two-story brick building for his factory.

He manufactured several brands of cigars: Yours Truly, Sumatra, Cuban Rolls, Mahaska.

The factory was located on South Market Street, one-half block from the square. In 1892, fifteen people were employed. 50,000 cigars a month produced.

1897 – Factory No. 62, employed five people.

Diedrick Beckman died February 13, 1911.

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