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Pallister Brother Cigar Factory

1889 - 1927

The Pallister brothers, John, William, and Thomas, were born in Canada. They came to Ottumwa, Iowa in 1872. They opened a confectionary and fruit store in 1878. The first electrical system in Ottumwa was a private power plant owned by the Pallister brothers to light their store (1883). They continued selling confectionaries and fruit, and in 1889, they began making cigars. Their first cigar brand was called the "A No. 1" five cent cigar. They would continue to manufacture cigars until 1927. They made many different brands of cigars, including: the A No. 1, the Pallister Cigar, Santa Rosa, Pallister's Dozen, Rosa Americana, Blue Jay, Little Dandies, Pearl of Pekin, Golden Crown, Imported Register, Prime Seconds, Long John, Moss Rose, My Jack, Key West, Stock Exchange, Henry Vane, Legion of Honor, Pallister $40, Pallister U.S. Smoker, No Binder Cigar, La Thelia, La Rosa de Cuba, La Afinidad, A.C.T., Trinidad, Alma Rosa, Trotter, Gephart Best, After Dinner, Liona, Havana Seconds, Crown Rose, George the Fifth Club House, Havana Leaf, Pallister's Hand Made, Pony, and San Rayo.

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