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Ferd. Haak Cigar Co.

1108-1112 W. Seventh Street, Davenport, Iowa

Established in 1871. Closed in 1923.

Factory 67, 2nd District of Iowa (1881); Factory 67, 4th District of Iowa (1893); Factory 67, 3rd District of Iowa (1902)

The cigar factory went by the name of “Great Western Cigar Factory” from 1890 through 1901.

Brands of cigars manufactured:

         10 cent cigars: Tea Rose, El Flor Universal, Don Caesar de Bazan

          5 cent cigars: Speckled Game, Rosa De Morano, Haak’s Cuba, Pure Quill, Grace Darling, Red Bird, White Duck


1871: Ferd Haak and two employees begin making cigars.

1882: 60 employees making 2 million cigars a year.

1895: 150 employees making 7 million cigars annually.

March 1, 1904: Fire destroys Ferd Haak cigar factory at 1110-1112 West 7th St. The factory building was erected in 1870. A temporary location with the Globe Cigar Company was arranged. A new building to be erected on a new site at the corner of Western Avenue and Fourth Street.

1906: New factory built at 539 W. Fourth St.

1923: Factory closes.

"From History of Scott County, Iowa 1882 Chicago: Interstate Publishing Co."

Fred Haak, owner of the cigar manufactory, 1110 7th street, was born Aug. 6, 1845, in Holstein, Germany, and is a son of Carrten and L. (Ostendurff) Haak, natives of Germany. The family came to Davenport, Ia., in 1858, where the mother died in May, 1878. The father still resides here. Fred attended school in this city two years, then learned the cigar-maker's trade, and worked for different parties until 1869, when he began in business for himself, on 4th street. In 1870, he built the factory which he now conducts, at No. 1110 7th street, with a view of running a larger force. He employs 60 men, and manufactures 2,000,000 cigars annually, which are sold principally in Iowa and Illinois. He enlisted Jan. 15, 1864, in the army and served one year; was in the battle of Mobile, Ala. He was married in Davenport, Nov. 22, 1867, to Caroline Kuhrdt, of Pommesn, Prussia; her mother died in Canada in 1852; her father resided with Mr. and Mrs. Haak. They have five children - Wilemena, Pauline, John, Richard and Teckda. In politics Mr. Haak is a Republican.

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