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Higlin Brothers Cigar Factory

Higlin (Higlin Brothers) Cigar Factory – 1897 to 1908

Factory No. 288.

Two employees in 1897.

1898 – Moved into new quarters for cigar factory. Also sell tobacco, fruit, and confectionery store in High Ave. West.

1907 – Made improvements and additions to cigar factory at North C Street.

Brothers: Will Higlin and Fred (“Fritz”) F. Higlin.

William (Will) F. Higlin: Born 1870; Died 1911

Fred (Fritz) Higlin: born 1873

Father: John Higlin

Mother: Amy Higlin

Oskaloosa Herald, December 22, 1898

William Higlin, Obituary. Oskaloosa Herald, 

March 16, 1911

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